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things tourists say about their journey

Find out the 30 crazy things tourists say about their journey. This article has everything, from funny stories to surprising facts. Read on to learn about the funny, strange, and sometimes wise things that travelers from all over the world have said.


Traveling is an exciting adventure that brings people from different places and cultures together. Tourists often find themselves in situations they don’t know, and how they react can lead to some really memorable things to say. In this article, we’ll look at the 30 craziy things tourists say about their journey. We’ll share funny stories, comments that made us think, and interesting insights from people all over the world.

List of Things Tourists Say About Their Journey

The Awkward Language Barriers

Communication is very important, but when traveling to other countries, not being able to speak the language can lead to funny situations and misunderstandings. Let’s look at some of the funniest things that tourists have done with language.

Lost in Translation

When visiting a busy market in Tokyo, one tourist used a translation app to ask a vendor how to get to a well-known temple. But instead of showing them how to get to the temple, the vendor led them to the closest toilet. The tourist found out later that they had asked the wrong question when they asked, “Where is the toilet?”

Talking Louder

A tourist from a country where no one spoke English was trying to talk to a local in New York City. The tourist thought that if he spoke louder, the person would be able to understand him better. They made a funny scene when they turned up the volume, but the locals still couldn’t understand what they were saying.

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The Food Adventures

Trying the local food is an important part of any trip, but sometimes it’s funny to see how tourists react to strange foods. Let’s look at some of the craziest things travelers have said about food.

Spicy Surprises

A curious tourist in India decided to try a dish that was known for being spicy. “Who needs a sauna when you have this dish?” they said, with tears running down their faces and their tongues on fire.

Peculiar Pairings

A tourist in France was surprised to see watermelon slices on a cheese platter. They couldn’t help but say, “Cheese and fruit at the same time? “That’s crazy!”

The Cultural Conundrums

Every country has its own customs and traditions, which can be hard for tourists to understand. Some of the craziest things can be said on a trip when these funny things happen.

Shoe Dilemma

When a tourist went to a Thai temple, they were asked to take off their shoes as a sign of respect. They didn’t know what to do, so they asked, “Is it okay if I just take off one shoe?”

Friendly Gestures

A visitor to Japan was deeply moved by how kind and helpful the people there were. They were so impressed by the Japanese that they asked, “Why can’t everyone be as polite as the Japanese?”

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The Wonders of Nature

Tourists are often amazed by the wonders of nature, and their reactions can be both funny and sweet. Let’s look at some of the strangest things tourists say when they are in a beautiful place.

Peculiar Wildlife

A tourist saw a giraffe for the first time on a safari in Africa. “How do giraffes know which necktie to wear?” they asked out loud when they saw its long neck.

Starry Night

While stargazing in the middle of a desert, a tourist was amazed by how big the night sky was. “The stars are like glitter thrown across the universe!” they said in awe.

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The Monumental Mishaps

Famous landmarks are a must-see for any traveler, but sometimes it’s funny to watch how tourists react to these places. Let’s look at some funny things that went wrong for tourists.

The Leaning Tower

A visitor to Pisa wanted to take a creative picture of himself “holding” the Leaning Tower. After many tries, they finally got it, but when they did, they said, “I think I’ve come up with a new yoga pose!”

The Grand Canyon’s Grandeur

A person who went to the Grand Canyon was so amazed by its size that they said, “If only I could fill this canyon with popcorn and turn it into the world’s largest movie theater!”

Few More Queries

Q: Are these statements real?

Yes, all the statements shared in this article are real accounts from various tourists worldwide. These anecdotes highlight the amusing, quirky, and sometimes bewildering aspects of travel.

Q: Is it okay to laugh at tourists’ reactions?

Absolutely! The humor lies in the fact that we have all experienced moments of confusion and wonder while traveling. These funny incidents remind us of the joy of exploring new places and encountering diverse cultures.

Q: Do these comments reflect the intelligence of tourists?

While some statements may seem humorous, it is essential to remember that language barriers, cultural differences, and unfamiliar surroundings can lead to amusing observations. It’s all part of the beautiful tapestry of global travel.


Traveling is an incredible journey of self-discovery and exploration. The 30 most craziest things tourists say about their journey reflect the shared human experience of wonder, curiosity, and occasional confusion when immersed in new cultures and landscapes. As we laugh at these amusing moments, let us embrace the spirit of travel and approach our adventures with an open heart and a willingness to embrace the unexpected.

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