15 Smart Inventions That Exists Only in Japan

smart inventions

Japan is known for its innovation and technological advancements, and this is reflected in some of the unique & smart inventions that have been created in Japan.

Folks, you’d better hang on to your hats because we’re about to go on an exciting adventure through the bizarre world of Japanese inventions! From LED eyelashes that make you the life of the party to smart toilets that can diagnose health problems, Japan is home to some of the most original and hilarious inventions that can be found anywhere in the world. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to laugh, because we are about to investigate some of the wackiest and most outrageous creations that can only be found in Japan.

List of Smart Inventions

15. Smart Toilet

The high-tech toilets that are common in Japan come with a variety of amenities, including heated seats, bidets, and air dryers. These toilets have made Japan famous throughout the world. Some even have sensors that are able to detect health problems such as diabetes and infections of the urinary tract.

14. Air-Conditioned Clothing

Air-conditioned clothing is a novel approach that Japan has developed as a way to combat the country’s extreme heat. Even on the hottest days, the person wearing these clothes will remain comfortable and cool thanks to the built-in micro-fans that circulate air around the body and are attached to the garments.

13. Smart Umbrella

The Smart Umbrella is a high-tech umbrella that features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to communicate with your smartphone. It comes with sensors that can detect the current weather and send notifications to your phone if there is a chance of precipitation in the near future.

12. LED Eyelashes

LED Eyelashes are a one-of-a-kind accessory that can be worn for fashion and add a glimmer of shine to your eyes. These lashes are equipped with teeny tiny LED lights that can be made to blink in a variety of colours and patterns according to the settings you choose.

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11. Noise-Canceling Fork

A device known as the Noise-Canceling Fork is capable of eliminating the sound of slurping that occurs when eating noodles. It accomplishes this by producing a high-pitched noise that covers up the sound of the slurping as it occurs.

10. Soundless Karaoke

One type of karaoke machine is known as Soundless Karaoke, and it replaces the traditional microphone with headphones. Because it allows users to sing without waking up other people in the room, it is ideal for karaoke sessions that take place late at night.

9. Self-Cleaning Kitchen

This fully automated kitchen has the ability to clean itself, and is called the Self-Cleaning Kitchen. It washes the dishes, wipes down the counters, and even disposes of the waste from the food preparation using sensors and robotic arms.

8. Anti-aging Face Mask

The Anti-aging Face Mask is a cutting-edge beauty product that makes use of infrared light therapy to help reduce the visible signs of ageing and stimulate the production of collagen.

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7. Heated Eyelash Curler

The Heated Eyelash Curler is a piece of beauty equipment that curls your eyelashes by applying heat to the device. People who have lashes that don’t curl easily or that are naturally straight will find that this product is ideal for them.

6. Robot Fish

Robot Fish are autonomous underwater vehicles that have the ability to swim in a manner similar to that of real fish. They are utilised for a variety of tasks, including research on marine life, exploration of the ocean floor, and even the cleaning of aquariums.

5. Smart Bicycle

The Smart Bicycle is a high-tech bicycle that features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to communicate with a user’s smartphone. It includes a wide variety of features, such as GPS navigation, fitness tracking, and even a motor that is assisted by power from an external source.

4. Talking Rice Cooker

A rice cooker that can converse with its user is known as the Talking Rice Cooker. It employs sensors to determine the level of water and rice in the container and informs you when the rice is ready to eat based on this information.

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3. Smart Desk Lamp

The Smart Desk Lamp is a piece of cutting-edge technology that can modify its level of brightness as well as the colour temperature depending on the time of day. Additionally, it has a USB port that allows you to charge your various electronic devices.

2. Selfie Toaster

The Selfie Toaster is a special kind of toaster that can imprint a photograph of your face onto a slice of bread. It is a unique and entertaining way to show off your selfies, in addition to being a fun way to start the day.

1. Smart Electric Toothbrush

The Smart Electric Toothbrush is a new type of electric toothbrush that can establish a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. It has sensors built in that can detect how well you are brushing and give you feedback in real time on how well you are doing it.


Products from Japan are renowned worldwide for their cutting-edge innovation and technical sophistication. Japan is the only place where one can find these one-of-a-kind innovations. These products not only make life easier and more comfortable, but they also push the limits of what was previously thought to be possible with technological advancements. The unwavering commitment that Japan has shown towards innovation and the development of products that are years ahead of their time is truly remarkable and motivational. It will be fascinating to witness Japan’s continued success in developing ground-breaking innovations in the years to come.

Few More Queries

  • Who is Japan’s greatest inventor?

Yoshiro Nakamatsu, also known by his alias Dr. NakaMats, is a 93-year-old Japanese inventor famous for having over 3,500 patents to his name. He has a PhD from the University of Tokyo and is also known for his rather interesting creative process to come up with new ideas.

  • Is Japan No 1 in technology?

The statistical confidence interval for the ranking of Japan in the GII 2022 is between ranks 13 and 13.

  • What is Japan famous as?

Japan is known for everything from onsen hot springs and kabuki baths (dating to the 6th and 16th centuries, respectively) to all-night neon-lit dance parties, anime, and sushi boat restaurants, all of which are decidedly more modern.

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