10 Most Scariest Toilets Around the World

scariest toilets

Have you ever gone to the bathroom in a place that made you shiver? Tell me about what happened.Even though most toilets are made to be comfortable and easy to use, there are a few scary ones around the world. These bathrooms are not for people who are easily startled, since they are in strange places and have strange designs. In this article, we’ll look at ten of the bathrooms that people say are the scariest in the world. Get ready to take a trip into the world of scary bathroom stories.


The ten examples below will make you think twice about going into a bathroom, which is strange because most people think of toilets as places to feel relieved and comfortable. These bogs are so strange, creepy, and downright terrifying that they go beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Get ready to be scared as we look at some of the scariest bathrooms in the world.

List of Most Scariest Toilets Around the World

10. The Loo with a View

Imagine going to the bathroom and looking out at a beautiful scene. At “The Loo with a View,” which is on top of a tall building, you can have an experience that is both thrilling and scary. Because all of its walls are made of glass and go all the way to the ceiling, you can see beautiful views of the city while you go to the bathroom. On the other hand, this toilet may be a living nightmare for people who are afraid of heights.

9. The Haunted Restroom

Urban legend says that a ghost haunts a certain bathroom in an old mansion. People who have used the facilities say that they felt cold, heard strange noises, and even saw a ghostly figure at some point during their stay. This haunted bathroom is not for people who are easily scared. It combines the fear of the unknown with the feeling of being vulnerable that comes with going to the bathroom.

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8. The Precarious Pit Stop

Deep in the middle of a dense forest, there is a rest area that is different from any other. This toilet is dangerously high off the ground. A thin wooden platform and a network of ropes are the only things holding it up. When you stop at this rest stop, which could be dangerous, you need to have nerves of steel every time. You will have a more exciting trip to the bathroom if you are worried that the platform will fall apart under you.

7. The Toilet in the Sky

The “Toilet in the Sky” is a unique and terrifying experience for people who want to get their hearts beating fast. Because it is hung from a crane, this mobile toilet will take your bathroom experience to new heights. As you sit on the throne and take in the breathtaking views, you may feel a mix of excitement and fear. People who are very afraid of heights should probably look for another place to go to the bathroom.

6. The Creepy Cave Toilet

There is a toilet that will test your bravery. It is deep inside a cave that is very mysterious and hard to find. As you go deeper into the unknown, the Creepy Cave Toilet gives you a scary experience to go along with it. The dim lighting and eerie echoes heighten your senses and make every creak and rustle sound like it came from a horror movie. This bathroom will give you a story that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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5. The Eerie Underwater Lavatory

Divers will like the next scary bathroom on our list because it is underwater. If you use the Eerie Underwater Lavatory, which is a structure that is submerged underwater, you can go to the bathroom while being surrounded by marine life. But this can be a very scary thing to do because of the darkness, the pressure of the water, and the chance of seeing something from the deep.

4. The Abandoned Restroom

A place that is now empty and deserted has an old bathroom that has been left to fall into disrepair and neglect. At the entrance, there are broken tiles, flickering lights, and a very strange silence. The place has a thick, oppressive air that makes you feel like you don’t know what’s going on. This makes it a great place to film a horror movie. You have to be strong-willed and have nerves of steel to use this toilet.

3. The Haunted Outhouse

People say that an outhouse in the middle of the woods is haunted because of the reputation it has built up over the years. Guests have said that while they were in the building, they heard whispers, saw shadowy figures, and even felt cold touches. In “The Haunted Outhouse,” which is about a haunted outhouse, the deep woods and using a toilet in the middle of nowhere are both scary in their own ways. This trip is not for people who are easily scared by new things.

2. The Perilous Public Toilet

People are often scared of public bathrooms, but the Perilous Public Toilet takes things to a whole new level. Because it is in a neighborhood with a lot of crime, this bathroom is known for the bad people who use it and the questionable cleanliness of its facilities. Every trip is stressful because you have to find your way through a maze of possible dangers while keeping your fingers crossed for a quick, trouble-free bathroom break.

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1. The Phantom Flusher

The Phantom Flusher is a toilet that is hidden inside an old, falling-apart house. It has a scary reputation. People say that this toilet flushes itself even when no one is there. Visitors have said that the handle seemed to be pulled down by an invisible force, and they heard the clear sound of water rushing.

This scary experience is even scarier because of the unsettling feeling that a ghost is hiding in the bathroom. These brave people are scared of the Phantom Flusher because they don’t know when the next ghostly flush will happen.


In the end, there are a lot of unusual toilets in the world that go beyond the ordinary and into the realm of fear. These examples, which include restrooms with beautiful but scary views, restrooms with ghosts, and dangerous rest stops, will make you think twice before you go in. Some can be exciting, but others can make us think of our worst fears.

If you’re a curious person who likes strange things, these ten creepiest toilets in the world are sure to get your attention. There are haunted outhouses and toilets on the edge of cliffs among these strange places to use the bathroom. Even though they might not be to everyone’s taste, they definitely make going to the bathroom a little more fun and exciting. So, if you want an adventure that will make your spine tingle, gather your courage and go find these scary bathrooms.

Few More Queries

  • Are these toilets accessible to the public?

Yes, some of these toilets are accessible to the public, while others may be part of unique experiences or attractions.

  • Is it safe to use these scary toilets?

The safety of using these toilets depends on various factors. It is essential to assess the risks and follow any guidelines or instructions provided.

  • Are there more scary toilets not mentioned in this article?

Yes, there are likely many other scary toilets around the world that haven’t been covered in this article. The examples mentioned here are just a glimpse into the terrifying possibilities.

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