Beyond Limits: Tales of the 10 Most Fearless Pilots in the World 


10. Unyielding Determination: The Story of Amelia Earhart

9. Sky's the Limit: The Maverick Spirit of Charles Lindbergh

8. Fearless in Combat: The Red Baron's Aerial Prowess

7. Breaking Sound Barriers: The Legendary Chuck Yeager

6. Mission of Mercy: The Heroism of Florence "Pancho" Barnes

5. Above and Beyond: The Valiant Efforts of Jacqueline Cochran

4. The Spirit of Bessie Coleman: Overcoming Adversity

3. Wings of Hope: The Compassionate Aviator Angelina Jolie

2. Against All Odds: The Triumph of Jerrie Mock

1. Unstoppable Courage: The Legacy of Chesley Sullenberger